Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Achieving Net Zero with the Nature Market

Tiger Standard Project Portfolio
The Tiger Standard Solutions : Project Portfolio
  • The Tiger Standard credit is designed to promote sustainable ventures by converting the "cost" aspect into a "revenue" aspect over the long term enabling the funding of socially responsible, climate-positive projects with a long payback.
  • Tiger Standard awarded projects will be helped to source, support, and develop innovative solutions for initiatives that :
    • Help reverse and mitigate Climate Change through reforestation, carbon sequestration, reduction of Greenhouse Gases, low carbon applications
    • Develop nature friendly income generation for communities, especially for women, unemployed youth & marginalized social segments
    • Promote use of alternative energy, low carbon footprint, conservation of biodiversity & the development of environmental responsibility in students, industry, corporations and civil society.
We invite you to partner any of the innovation driven Tiger Standard projects profiled in our portfolio & become an Eco-Entrepreneur !