Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Achieving Net Zero with the Nature Market

The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit
The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit The Tiger Standard Carbon OffSet Solution : Unique Features
  • The Tiger Standard is an evolved and trademarked bespoke carbon credit contract between the Impact Investor, the Community, and Ecological Restoration, with equal weightage placed on all three.
  • The Tiger Standard team has spent 24 years in the field working at the grassroots to cultivate a diverse basket of initiatives through innovation-led pilot projects based on ground realities found in remote rural terrains with communities living below the poverty line carrying multiple economic, environmental and social complexities.
  • The Tiger Standard is an end-to-end project delivery tool backed by an experienced team which has been engaged with every phase in the lifecycle of the project over two decades. Unlike the fragmented character of the carbon credit business, it is not part of a facilitation or broking agency team, but represents a wider universe of essential professionals including forestry scientists, community leaders, local panchayats, forest departments, naturalists, legal & IPR services, Impact Investors, bankers, designers, retailers, media experts, among others.
  • The Tiger Standard protocol represents an inclusive business model that does not reflect the Business-As-Usual nature of conducting commercial enterprise but centres around equity for all parties with the focus on - Profit with a Purpose while managing risk.
  • The Tiger Standard team automatically takes a stake in every project signed up by an Impact Investor to ensure increased transparency, risk reduction and deliverability.
  • The Tiger Standard led project teams will ensure that at least three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are met by every project undertaken while keeping the focus on Climate, Community and Biodiversity.
  • The Tiger Standard aims to achieve a Carbon++ position in the Nature Market by establishing its individually evolved location specific interpretation and definition of that term with every project in its portfolio, while integrating key VERRA standard protocols.