Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Achieving Net Zero with the Nature Market

Tiger Standard Project Portfolio
Revitalization of Agriculture sector through Innovative Climate Friendly Organic & Nutraceutical Models to incentivize Farmer Communities. The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Objective :Develop innovative& sustainable models of agriculture for farmer groups.

Method :Inter linked community system using heirloom species of rice paddy, organic produce, medicinal herbs under Tiger Standard offset protocol; weekly b-2-b Farmers Markets for direct farm-to-table sales.

Social Impact & Project Incentives :Potential to revitalize the farming community & agriculture, especially in paddy lands lying fallow for years.

Sustainability :The direct sale benefits seller and buyer; the market size for organically grown produce is increasing; as health concerns mount, the market for organic products affordable for the common man has expanded exponentially into the nutraceutical field.

Estimated minimum duration of project :5 years.

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