Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Achieving Net Zero with the Nature Market

Tiger Standard Project Portfolio
Removal of invasive weed species, Water Hyacinth (Eicchorniacrassipes), from Backwater Canal areas & creation of Income Generation for Local Communities from exportable products The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Objective :Clearing blocked backwater & canal areas in ponds and lake areas of invasive water hyacinth weed infestation; rejuvenation & re-oxygenation of water bodies & natural ecosystems in densely populated zone.

Method :Develop cottage industry for families and women using drying and & hand processing of natural fibre creation process to create an alternative fibre for multiple usage.

Social Impact & Project Incentives :Continuous employment for 50-100 families living close to water bodies and the creation of women run enterprises for the export market using multiple product lines from the natural fibre.

Sustainability :Water hyacinth is used for multiple products from upholstery to furniture and bio-fuel in south east Asia within similar eco-systems and has proved to be a significant revenue earner and mainstream industry.

Estimated minimum duration of project :5 years.

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