Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Achieving Net Zero with the Nature Market

Tiger Standard Project Portfolio
Reforestation & Carbon Sinks skirting Forest Buffer Zones, Agro-Forestry Plantations, Degraded Lands and Water Bodies The Tiger Standard Carbon Credit

Objective :Reversal of climate change through sequestering carbon; achieving balance between protection of natural resources, biodiversity and development needs.

Method :Re-planting trees, clearing forest floor of invasive weeds, clearing underground springs & aquifers, creating spaces for return of natural native plant species.

Social Impact & Project Incentives :Employment for 1-2 persons per 10 hectares over 500 hectares.

Sustainability :Revenue generation from biomass, shade grown organic cardamom, coffee, spices, offset value of sequestered carbon in carbon sinks.

Minimum area :500 hectares

Estimated minimum duration of project :5 years.

Scale-up Potential over 10 years :1 million hectares

Locations :Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, North East India

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